Asbestos-Contaminated Demolition

Welcome to our comprehensive asbestos-contaminated demolition services. We understand the critical nature of asbestos demolition and are committed to ensuring the safety of all involved.

Asbestos Removal Before Demolition

Our licensed asbestos assessors are skilled in identifying and safely removing both friable and non-friable asbestos. Their expertise ensures that the workplace remains free from the presence of asbestos.

Minimising Airborne Asbestos Fibres and Dust

Before demolition, we meticulously undertake air monitoring to ensure the environment meets health and safety regulations. We are dedicated to the safe removal and disposal of asbestos waste to protect the well-being of all individuals.

Licensed Asbestos Removal and Demolition

Total Asbestos Removal Brisbane is a leading Brisbane asbestos removal and demolition firm with experience spanning decades, offering a skilled team and quality equipment to get the job done in a fast and efficient manner. We are fully licensed and insured for demolition projects of all sizes, with all of our staff appropriately trained and qualified to help get the job done right. Learn more about us.

Choose Total Asbestos for Residential and Domestic Asbestos Demolition

At Total Asbestos, we understand that the demolition process can be a stressful one, no matter the nature of your situation. This is why we approach commercial, residential, and industrial asbestos removal and demolition with skill and professionalism. Our job is to make sure that, by the time we leave, the site is completely safe and neutralised of any health threats.

House demolition can be a complex process, as there are likely to be other buildings nearby. This is why you need a home demolition company that has a lot of experience with large-scale containment procedures and air control systems. We can make sure that your project is not only fast and efficient but also compliant with local laws and safety regulations. See some of our awesome demolition videos.

Find Peace of Mind with Clean, Efficient Demolition Projects

Our highly skilled team have the tools and skills to help with your demolition project from start to finish. We will work with you to develop a demolition strategy to suit the project, create Safe Work Method Statements for your site and provide all relevant documentation, such as Project Quality Plans and Traffic Management Plans.

Once the project is underway, Total Asbestos will ensure it is completed within the client’s timeframe and monitor the project to ensure all guidelines regarding safety and code of practice are followed. On completion, our team will help clear up, endeavouring to salvage and recycle as much waste as possible. We will also provide all job documentation and reports as required by the client.

Put Your Property in the Hands of the Professionals

When it comes to asbestos, there’s no time to hang around. It needs to be removed or destroyed quickly, as part of a comprehensive neutralisation plan. You need a company that you can trust to give you peace of mind and a home or business free of lingering health hazards. This is why Total Asbestos is the right choice. Our demolitions are an investment in your future.

If you have a demolition project in Brisbane or the surrounding regions, the team at Total can help. Our Queensland-based firm also offers asbestos identification and removal services. Call (07) 3151 0312 for more information regarding any of our services today.