Industrial Asbestos Removal Services

Welcome to the forefront of industrial asbestos removal and demolition services in Brisbane. With years of experience, we are committed to safely removing asbestos-containing materials from your site, ensuring the safety of your property and the environment. We are Total Asbestos Removal Brisbane – one of the region’s leading asbestos removal and demolition companies.

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    Experienced Industrial Asbestos Removals Based In Brisbane

    Our dedicated team specialises in efficiently and safely removing asbestos, offering a complete solution for industrial, commercial, and manufacturing properties. We take pride in exceeding your expectations and meeting the challenge of safely removing hazardous asbestos materials.

    Our Industrial Asbestos Removal Solutions

    From planning to disposal, we operate with a focus on safety, providing meticulous remediation and waste disposal services. Our expert staff is licensed to safely remove and dispose of friable asbestos, ensuring that your renovation or demolition project is carried out with the highest standard of safety and compliance.

    Industrial Demolition Services

    When it comes to demolition, our team is ready to undertake any industrial demolition task. We operate with an attitude of efficiency and trust, ensuring that your demolition project is completed within budget and to your exact requirements.

    Ready to start your asbestos removal or demolition project?

    Let our specialist industrial asbestos removal team assist you with the safe removal and disposal of asbestos materials, so you can confidently proceed with your industrial demolition project. Contact us shortly to discuss how we can help you with your industrial asbestos removal and demolition needs in Queensland, Australia.

    StepWhat to do
    Step 1:Reach out to us through our website, phone, or email to kick-start your industrial asbestos removal quote request.
    Step 2:Provide essential information about your industrial facility, including its size, location, and the type of asbestos materials to be removed.
    Step 3:Schedule an on-site assessment with our skilled asbestos removal team to evaluate the scope of work.
    Step 4:Receive a comprehensive quote detailing the removal plan, project timeline, and estimated costs.
    Step 5:Review the quote and discuss any questions or adjustments you may have.
    Step 6:Confirm the quote and schedule the industrial asbestos removal at a time that suits your facility’s operations.
    Step 7:Our certified experts will carry out the asbestos removal adhering to safety protocols and industry standards.
    Step 8:Conduct a thorough post-removal inspection to ensure a safe and asbestos-free industrial environment.
    Step 9:Share your valuable feedback with us to help improve our services and meet your future needs.

    Asbestos is a fibre known for its fire resistance and sound absorption qualities. This made it popular in the construction and industrial sectors in the past. However, it has since been found that asbestos can have serious health complications for those exposed to the fibres, including diseases such as asbestosis and lung cancer. While the use of the substance has now been banned, many structures and even the soil in some locations are contaminated by asbestos, making it vital to have structures and worksites more than 30 years old inspected for the presence of the material.

    Brisbane-based company, Total Asbestos, offer industrial asbestos removal services to the South-East Queensland region. As one of the state’s major asbestos removal and demolition companies, our qualified staff have the skills and experience to safely identify and remove asbestos from homes, offices and industrial sites.

    For the industrial sector, our services cover a wide range of asbestos and demolition-related solutions. This could include the removal of asbestos sheeting, fences and other materials, the removal of fireproofing and gasket seals, site decontamination and cleaning and the complete or partial demolition of structures. Our team can also complete air testing, replace asbestos products and offer overall consultation on your site and any asbestos-related services. We pride ourselves on leaving properties asbestos-free, ensuring the safety of all who work on the site.

    For more information about Total Asbestos’ industrial asbestos removal and demolition services or any of the other areas we work in, feel free to contact one of our friendly representatives by calling (07) 3151 0312 or filling in an enquiry form.