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Are you finding a professional asbestos removal company in Brisbane Northside? If so, Total Asbestos is one of the leading Asbestos Removal Brisbane Northside and demolition company that everyone could trust. Our highly skilled and certified team has more than forty years of combined experience in the industry. In fact, we deal with all types of asbestos removal and demolition jobs – whether big or small. Our team has the necessary, skills, experience, safety gear, and equipment to handle any type of asbestos demolition and disposal job in the region. That is why you need to contact Total Asbestos for all your asbestos disposal, removal, and demolition projects in Brisbane Northside. Here is why you need a professional Asbestos Removal Brisbane Northside to handle all your asbestos demolition projects.

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What Is Asbestos And Why Is It Dangerous To Your Health?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral with favourable building properties. In fact, asbestos has a number of qualities that are quite favourable to the construction industry such as sound absorption and resistance to heat and fire. Hence, the material has been used in many types of building materials for the last six or seven decades. The material was heavily used during the periods of 1950 and 1980 – where a majority of building materials contained this component. But many countries – including Australia – began to ban the component from being used in building materials after the negative side effects of the materials were discovered in the 1980s. Hence, if you plan to demolish or remodel a home or building that was built prior to the 1990s, you should be cautious of the project.

Your building could contain asbestos materials that are harmful to your health. That is where a professional asbestos removal company such as Total Asbestos comes in handy. We can deal with any type of building – whether old or new – with or without asbestos – professionally. In fact, our expert team is highly trained and experienced to deal with any type of building project – whether you plan to completely demolish, remodel, or dispose of it.

The latest statistics reveal the potential dangers of asbestos.

  • Asbestos is responsible for killing more than 5,000 people each year in this day and age.
  • Approximately 20 tradesmen die every week as a result of past exposure to the material.
  • Many people think that asbestos is a problem of the past. But they are wrong. In fact, the material could be present in many buildings – especially those that were built or refurbished before the year 2000.

When asbestos is damaged or disturbed, its fibres and dust are released into the air. The fibres and dust can cause serious respiratory problems when inhaled. Asbestos is not dangerous until the material is disturbed. Hence, if your building contains asbestos, you have nothing to worry unless you damage or disturb the material. That is where a professional removal and demolition company such as Total Asbestos comes in handy.

Diseases related to asbestos dust will not occur immediately. In fact, they may take many years to appear. But once the condition is diagnosed, it might be too late to do anything about it. That is why you should protect yourself from coming into contact with the material right now.
Mesothelioma is an asbestos-related cancer that affects the lining of your lungs. By the time the condition is diagnosed, it may have progressed to the last stages. Hence, Mesothelioma is a fatal condition that could result in death. Asbestosis is another serious condition related to the material. It is a scarring condition of the lungs. It causes progressive shortness of breath and death over time. Asbestos-related lung cancer is another fatal condition that can affect you if you are exposed to the material on a regular basis.

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Why Choose Total Asbestos?

If you discover broken building materials and suspect that it may contain asbestos, you should call a professional removal and demolition company such as Total Asbestos. We will arrange one of our experts to come and inspect your property. They will advise you on the next step to be taken in order to eliminate the problem for good. Safeguarding your family and neighbours is one of the most important decisions for you to consider when you suspect of asbestos materials in your building. Don’t leave anything to time and chance. Call one of our expert asbestos removal specialists today. We will ensure that your building becomes free of asbestos materials in a safe and healthy way. Our team is fully QLD-licensed and insured. They will follow strict health and safety guidelines when working on any project. That is why you need to call our expert team right now for all your asbestos removal, disposal, and demolition projects in Brisbane Northside.

If you suspect of asbestos materials in your building, you shouldn’t try to demolish or dispose of it by yourself. Call Total Asbestos & Demolition now on (07) 3151 0312 for professional and safe asbestos removal in Northside Brisbane.