Expert Asbestos Removal Services in Brisbane Southside

At Total Asbestos & Demolition, we are a team of professionals with decades of experience and a passion for asbestos removal. Our team covers the Brisbane area and is well-regarded for being at the top of its game when it comes to safe, efficient, and well-designed solutions.

Asbestos can do a lot of damage when it is left “as-is” and we take pride in spending time inspecting, removing, and preventing asbestos build-up.

Our Services:

  • Asbestos Consultations
  • Commercial Asbestos Removals
  • Industrial Asbestos Removals
  • ..and More!

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Years of Expertise

Don’t want to take a chance with the wrong company that lacks expertise and may not know what has to be done? This is a problem and it is best to go with Total Asbestos & Demolition because we have been doing this for a while with great results. We are a reputable company with resounding training protocols that have to be adhered to by every team member. This is a big reason for our success and why we are the best in the market.

If the goal is to go with experience and feel safe then our team is the only option in Brisbane worth hiring.

Comprehensive Inspections

With world-class tools, specialised professionals, and a willingness to put in the time needed for inspections, we are as comprehensive as they come. Our inspections are robust, detail-oriented, and will cover the entire property from top to bottom. Our specialists have access to the best tools in the world and that’s where we stand out the most. These tools are able to take accurate measurements as the removal is planned in detail.

Everything we do at Total Asbestos & Demolition is professionally completed and that includes our in-depth inspections. Please feel free to speak to one of our specialists to learn more about how we go about our inspections in Brisbane.

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Safe Methods

Our methods are fully certified and vetted by the local council and this is something we take pride in. Our specialists go through rigorous training to recognise the intricacies of these methods and only implement them after continuous monitoring. Our team works in unison to deliver premium results and that begins from day one as the inspection processes get underway. At Total Asbestos & Demolition, we don’t want to waste our client’s time and that means using safe methods that are valued by everyone (see asbestos dangers).

Speedy Removals

Not only are we passionate about using safe and efficient methods but also ensuring everything is done quickly. Our processes are in-depth but with a large team that is competent, we can deliver quick results that are in line with one’s expectations.

At Total Asbestos & Demolition, we set the tone with a proper deadline and make sure to meet it. This will give clients the ability to relax and enjoy the process as it begins. We will also provide ongoing updates throughout the process whether it is a simple inspection or a robust removal. Our goal is to maintain a connection with our clients and that begins with the timetable.

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Approved Dumping Services

Want to have the asbestos disposal done at a proper dump site?

We have connections in the region and have gained official approval from the local council to dump in specific areas. This ensures everything is done legally, professionally, and safely as needed. Clients will not feel unsafe with their dumping practices and that is a major point of concern with other solutions.

Go with our team at Total Asbestos & Demolition and know the dumping will be done the right way as soon as the process begins.

Friendly Team

When it comes to this demolition company, it’s all about being a friendly solution for an important need. We recognise the value of being efficient and fast but also understanding what clients are looking for. Our team sets the standard with its high-quality protocol and willingness to understand the client’s needs. Whether it is removing asbestos and going through with a scheduled inspection, we are able to offer a seamless solution with a smile on our face!

At Total Asbestos & Demolition, we are all about being friendly and appreciating our client’s time.

Our services are well-regarded in Brisbane for being robust, efficient, and certified based on modern Australian standards. We don’t cut corners and all of our specialists are trained to handle the rigours of asbestos removals. We have been doing this for years and have a great understanding of asbestos removal processes and how to ensure the results are in line with expectations.

For more information on our services at Total Asbestos & Demolition, please feel free to call us at (07) 3151 0312 and set up a detailed appointment as soon as possible. Our service representatives are also available to help answer all questions and/or concerns online if necessary.