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If You Need Asbestos Removal Gold Coast Has Plenty On Offer

Have you recently found out that your home is suffering from an asbestos issue? If you have, you are likely feeling more than a little worried. Then again, you may not yet have made such a revelation, but that nagging feeling of ‘what if’ could be stopping you from getting a good night’s sleep these days.

Here in Australia, we love our homes, our climate, our culture and our laid-back lifestyle. However, when it comes to asbestos testing and asbestos removal, it really isn’t time to indulge that laid-back mindset.

Here at Total Asbestos And Demolition we know that there are other topics you would rather be talking about than asbestos removal for your home or commercial property, however, we also know that the safety of you, your family and any people who work for you, is at risk each and every day if there is a potential issue with asbestos. Allow us to guide you through the ins and outs of asbestos demolition and what you need to do to ensure it doesn’t have an impact on your life. Don’t worry we’ll make it quick, simple and pain-free.


What Properties May Be Affected By Asbestos?

Do you love your home? Does it boast character and style? If your property was built before 1990 there is every chance that it has features and building trends that make it extra special to you. Indeed, many new houses lack that certain sense of nostalgic style which older homes know how to boast and retain.

However, all of those positive aspects of an older property can come crashing down around you if you haven’t addressed one key risk; a property built prior to 1990 may very well have asbestos. That’s right, you and your family may currently be in a risky situation due to asbestos in your home. Of course, the same can be said for a property which you use for commercial purposes.

What Needs To Be Done?

So, you are sitting upright now, right? You are thinking, ‘hang on a minute, my property falls into that category’. Don’t panic, when it comes to asbestos removal, Gold Coast has plenty on offer and here at Total Asbestos And Demolition we are happy to tell you all about it.

If you are in any doubt whatsoever that your property may have an issue with asbestos, it’s time for some testing and analysis. Now we are not talking about some type of home kit here that you should order for a few dollars online. Remember, the health of the people you love is in question here. Rather you need a professional asbestos testing and analysis to give you real peace of mind. This testing will include safe asbestos sampling to identify whether your home has asbestos and then how to best remove it.

So How Is Asbestos Removal Carried Out?

If asbestos is discovered in your property it’s not the end of the world. However, it does mean that you need safe and efficient asbestos removal. That is where we come into play here at Total Asbestos And Demolition. Don’t worry, we aren’t going to carry out asbestos testing, tell you that you have an issue and then walk away! We are at your service to safely and professionally remove all types of asbestos debris and dispose of it in a way that won’t harm your health, or anyone else’s for that matter.


Can you tell on your own if your environment contains asbestos?  The answer is “no.” Because asbestos is odourless and tasteless, you cannot know if it exists unless you have asbestos testing in the building.   This kind of testing should only be done by a trained professional company, such as Total Asbestos.  We have the knowledge and the tools to determine if your building contains asbestos quickly.  If your environment includes dangerous asbestos, we can get rid of it fast.

How much does asbestos removal cost?  When you speak to Total Asbestos, we will discuss your problem and come up with a plan and a payment solution.   You don’t have to have all the answers.  It’s our job to investigate your building and make the necessary conclusions thoroughly.

At Total Asbestos, our team members and staff are fully qualified and accredited to remove asbestos in your residential or commercial building. You know asbestos disposal is crucial to maintaining the health of a building’s occupants.  Don’t delay.  Call Total Asbestos & Demolition now at (07) 3151 0312.

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