When it comes to asbestos roofing removal we are the experts! This material is extremely dangerous , it has been found to cause major disease when it breaks down and is inhaled. Don’t take any unnecessary risks; if you suspect it in your home or workplace, seek professional advice immediately.

Asbestos roofing is commonly found in Australian homes and offices constructed from the 1950s right up until the 1980s. It is typically located in corrugated cement roofing, eave linings, roof shingles and bath roof linings. If you are renovating, this toxic material needs to be removed immediately as the fibres can tear and break very easily putting your health at risk.

We specialise in residential, commercial and industrial  roofing removal. After an initial inspection, if removal is required, our fully qualified specialists can remove and demolish any dangerous material at a very affordable price.

After we have organised for your + to be removed, we can arrange for a metal roof and gutter replacement. We can also help with any general building and construction that you may require.

We are qualified, licensed, professionals. Don’t risk your health or the health of your colleagues or loved ones by employing inexperienced, unlicensed contractors. If you think you may be exposed to life-threatening asbestos, call us on (07) 3151 0312 for a quote and professional advice.