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What is asbestos?

Asbestos was once a common material used in the construction industry. It was popular for its fire retardant and insulation properties and can be found in thousands of homes, offices and other structures across Australia. It was not until the 1980s that asbestos was found to be the cause of a number of serious diseases, such as asbestosis and lung cancer. It was banned across the country shortly after this.

The importance of removal

Although asbestos has been banned for decades, the effects of it are still being felt today and there are many older structures containing the substance. While asbestos is harmless if it is not disturbed, once it becomes airborne it can make a person very sick and can even be fatal. Professional removal of asbestos is vital to ensuring the home or office is safe.

Asbestos on its own, contained and not exposed to the air, does not pose a problem.  It is only when the materials are exposed to the air, broken down into tiny particles, and either inhaled or ingested that asbestos becomes a huge cancer-causing threat.   Furthermore, a person may not know they have been exposed to asbestos for as much as 15 to 40 years after the initial exposure.  Contracting cancer due to asbestos is something that can be prevented when the dangerous material is removed from the environment.

That is why it’s important to have an asbestos testing professional, such as Total Asbestos, check your home and building and determine if asbestos removal is necessary.  We work with homes, commercial buildings and industrial properties.  No job is too big or too small for us.  We handle any kind of property.

Total Asbestos is a team of professionals and licensed QLD contractors who provide fast and friendly service.  We give you peace of mind by inspecting, testing and disposing of material that contains hazardous asbestos.  Furthermore, we dispose of it only in Approved Council dumping sites.  We focus on everything including roofing and gutter replacement.  There is no need to call another service for asbestos removal.  We take care of it all from start to finish.

Can you tell on your own if your environment contains asbestos?  The answer is “no.” Because asbestos is odourless and tasteless, you cannot know if it exists unless you have asbestos testing in the building.   This kind of testing should only be done by a trained professional company, such as Total Asbestos.  We have the knowledge and the tools to determine if your building contains asbestos quickly.  If your environment includes dangerous asbestos, we can get rid of it fast.

How much does asbestos removal cost?  When you speak to Total Asbestos, we will discuss your problem and come up with a plan and a payment solution.   You don’t have to have all the answers.  It’s our job to investigate your building and make the necessary conclusions thoroughly.

At Total Asbestos, our team members and staff are fully qualified and accredited to remove asbestos in your residential or commercial building. You know asbestos disposal is crucial to maintaining the health of a building’s occupants.  Don’t delay.  Call Total Asbestos & Demolition now at (07) 3151 0312.

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